TELLMYS means TELL ME YOUR STORY and that is what this adventure is all about - starting with the stories behind our clothing, from people involved in its production to environmental impacts of it. Real and verifiable stories, which cannot be misused thanks to the new and innovative blockchain technology. 


The output of this project is an informational platform mapping stories of fashion garments within Visegrad countries. Designers, brands, producers and sellers have a great opportunity to share not only basic info of their products, but also the essence of the brand and the story of the certain fashion design or concrete product, such as a their studio life or faces garment workers, tailors or anyone behind clothing production. This kind of sharing creates a trust of the customer and helps us to move towards a more ethical, transparent and clean fashion industry.


Textile industry is one of the most polluting industries today. Negative environmental impact of the textile production is unquestionably huge and the consequences of it are affecting all of us. On top of it, the social aspect of this industry is behind human and we openly speak about new age slavery - textile workers are mostly women under 30 and child labour is common and accepted by many.

On the other hand the end users/buyers of fashion garments are more educated and want to make more informed purchases. They want to know more about the product they are buying and to support ethical production. 

We believe that transparency and traceability of the product should be implemented as well into our legal system to protect all people in a value chain, our environment and also consumer.


The fashion garment you've just bought or were gifted has a brand label, a care label and something else - a label with a QR code. Maybe you are curious, maybe you know, what's that all about. You scan the code and your screen shows you… a story. Story of a brand, story of people who made the fashion garment you are just holding in your hands, the studio where it was made, production line or store, maybe a story of materials used, health and safety condition of workers, amount of transport, chemicals used or NOT used in production... It's a first step towards transparency in the fashion supply chain - we have the right to know who made our clothes and what they are made of. All this is now just one scan with your phone away.


Tellmys is a project implemented by a group of enthusiasts. People who believe in innovation, transparency and values. Blockchain, as a tool to provide as much transparency and reliability as possible, ensures that information cannot be erased or amended without a track. The slow fashion aspect of this project wasn't picked by coincidence either - small brands and designers want to communicate their stories, but these are mostly lost in the moment of the garment sale. Connect these two and you find TELLMYS - a perfect service for the customers who want to be well informed.


Q1 2019

Project start
Vision created
Core team established

Q2 2019

Concept created
Project V4 submitted

Q3 2019

Project V4 achieved grant
Design created
Team established
Development start

Q4 2019

Project CSOB submitted and achieved grant
Design updated
Blockchain solution proposal

Q1 2020

Pilot web and mobile app running
First WS and presentation to brands and shops

Q2 2020 - Q3 2021

Covid break and project replanning

Q3 2021

Remaining workshops in V4
Product pilot


Phase 2 start – enhanced functionality


Project partners, fashion designers and brands from V4 communicating the story behind their garments:
  • National Fashion League Hungary Association - organisation merging Hungarian producers, designers, professionals of the clothing and fashion industry
  • Fashion Revolution Czech Republic - Czech branch of worldwide movement Fashion Revolution fighting for transparency in fashion industry
  • Slow Fashion Cafe - Sewing School and point for local fashion designers and makers
Find more about project on project website:

Project funded by Internation Visegrad Fund